Trainer's Referral Program

Brick by Brick Nutrition is a premier supplement and  apparel company with a primary focus of delivering quality   supplements and cutting edge workout apparel to its   customers. Brick by Brick started out as a small business   by 3 people who had a passion for health and fitness and   helping small fitness professionals. With this passion for   small business owners in the fitness arena, Brick by Brick   always knew they wanted to help fellow gyms and trainers   deliver quality products to their clients while helping them grow their business and better their financial health. From this passion Brick by Brick developed its franchise program that is affordable for small business owners and even independent personal trainers without a brick and mortar training location of their own.

Brick by Brick’s franchise program is designed to help business owners and trainers take their business to the next level and reach the 7-figure income many can only dream of. What do franchisees receive to assist with start up?

1. Brick by Brick store build out (when applicable)

2. Website build and maintenance of online store

3. Portfolio of marketing materials for all social media platforms and print

4. 2 weeks of onsite training and set up

5. All POS equipment and set up assistance

6. Lifetime online and phone support

To find out more about cost, set up time, and more to learn if Brick by Brick will be the perfect fit for your business, fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you within the next 1-2 business days.